Grace Aniston Grace Aniston


Grace Aniston is a former cam girl who spent 8 years working in the sex adult industry. Grace founded KikNudes in 2012. Grace has always been interested in the way people interact and communicate in the new digital age.

Grace Aniston has worked for companies like PornHub, Xvideos, and Manyvids, and her years of experience in the adult entertainment industry gives her the perfect background for creating KikNudes. Her ultimate goal is to empower men and women to express their sexuality using the power of their mobile device.

My experience with nudes

Working as a cam model I am no stranger to nude photo requests and sexy videos. I have been sending and receiving nude photos for over eight years, and I plan on continuing to send nudes that in the future. Honestly, i really love sharing my body with the world, it is wat truly makes me happy,

Why I created this app

The reason I created Kik nudes was that most social networks and other websites font allow you to send nudes securely.

I was tired of getting banned from Instagram and snapchat for doing something I love to do. I created KikNudes to allow myself, and other people to send nudes to each other without fear of getting booted off a platform. Kik nudes are encrypted and we will never share or leak any personal information. You can set your media to auto destroy after a few seconds, to keep the permanently for later use.