How To Find Kik Girls Online


Kik is a great platform to chat with girls, sext and exchange nudes. There are so many things you can do on the app that it’s a whole entertainment unit on its own. There are group chats, hashtags, and even a built-in web browser and video chatting app. With all of these entertaining options, the only thing left for you to do is to find the Kik girls and start chatting. However, if you think just because you now have a 100 Kik girls Usernames, you will be receiving a 100 nudes a day, you are wrong. You also need to know how to approach and talk to these girls so they will text and sext with you and even send naked pictures. We have gathered a bunch of information on how to find Kik girls and how to approach them. Continue reading to find out how…


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How to find Kik girls?

Alright! You have downloaded the app, made yourself an account, uploaded your profile Picture and maybe even some more and now you’re ready to meet some chicks. There are many different places to find sexy Kik girls.


There are hashtags on Kik that you can search to find your dream girls. Go on the app and on the search bar type in a hashtag depending on your intention.






These are some of the best ones to go on. Once you’re on the tags, look for girls you find hot and check if they’re a bot it should be pretty easy to tell between a bot and a real girl. Real girls will have more stuff on their profiles and will sound more genuine as well.

Group chat and Parties

The group chat is an internal app you can join on Kik. These chats differ from topic to topic but you will never have a hard time trying to find one about finding hot girls. Join some of these groups on the app and either ask for some username suggestions for Kik girls or wait for people to share their ‘’findings’’ and then add the girls with no hassle. You can add anyone as long as they have not blocked you and send them a message. Parties are pretty much the same thing except people invite girls to the Kik party so everyone can socialize. Şf you find someone whose conversation or pictures you like, you can add them as a friend as well.

Forums and Websites

Go on any internet browser and type in ‘’Kik username finder’’ and a whole lot of options will show up for you to try. There are a lot of forums where discussions about Kik girls and Kik usernames get discussed and there are also a bunch of websites that will display profile pictures and usernames of many hot girls that you can add immediately. Some of the websites let you choose the age gap and location as well as choosing your intentions such as sexting, flirting or other purposes. Check out our article ‘’Here are the best websites to find Kik Usernames’’ for a shortcut to find all of the best websites to find the hottest chicks.

Roleplay Internal app

When you go on the app, click on the browser icon to get to the Roleplay app and then make a post about what you are looking for. Be straightforward and never try to trick anyone into anything. Believe it or not, there is someone for everyone on Kik and Kik girls who like what you had to say or fit in your ‘’criteria’’ will be more attracted to the honesty than you getting blocked after them realizing you played them. Be open abııt what you’re looking for and get the girls of your dreams.

How to Approach to Kik Girls?

Now that you have found the girls you would like to chat with, you need to know how to approach them and get the conversation from ‘’hello’’ to naked pictures. As much as some men might tell you differently, the chances of you getting a naked Picture after just sending a dickpic or saying ‘’U hot, send me pic’’ are really small to none. You need to start slow and see if the person is as into it as you are. Otherwise, you will just get blocked. So, how do you approach Kik girls fort he best time on the app? Here are some tips.

Never be a creep

Doesn’t matter how horny you are, always start the conversation slow with a hello and lead from there. Remember that even if they want to sext or send you nudes, they’re still human beings. (unless yöre chatting up a bot)

Be careful with the bots and trolls

If they’re a bot, they won’t answer specific questions and more than likely to get sexual much early. There are also trolls who just want to humiliate people after a little dirty talking or people who try to get you to send them money for nudes of other people and such. Be sure to have confirmed the realness of your sexting buddy by asking for a specific type of Picture before any nudes. Like ‘’Can you send me a Picture with 4 fingers up?’’ or ‘’Can you send me a Picture with a roll of toilet paper’’ will also work.

Be yourself

Doesn’t matter how weird your fantasies or fetishes are, there are going to be Kik girls that enjoy your company and conversation and feel the same way, sexually. You don’t have to ‘’act cool’’ or be ‘’that guy’’ to get girls. Just be yourself.

No Tacky pick-up lines

Kik is mainly used for Kik sexting and exchanging nudes. Everyone on it knows it. You don’t have to go in expecting Kik girls are going to want you to be in a relationship with them or to impress them with our possessions.  You don’t need pick-up lines. Just a simple conversation starter like ‘’I saw your profile on and thought you were really hot/beautiful. How are you today?’’ would do just fine.

Make sure to be careful while sexting online. Check out our other articles about sexting online and about Kik. Kik girls are easy to find and easy to seduce but not easy to maintain a seduction. Make sure to bring your A game when sexting online to keep your partner happy so they can keep you happy.