Why Kik Is The Best Sexting App

Kik porn

So many options to choose from when it comes to apps and websites to chat online. But for those of us who want anonymity, we must go above and beyond to protect yourself while using most of these said apps and platforms. Snapchat wants your phone number or e-mail, facebook wants proof of I.D, even Instagram wants a certain type of ‘’so that we know it is you’’ ID. Kik is a great app for chatting online, especially sexting. The list of reasons why Kik sexting is much better than any other app goes on and on. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Kik is the best sexting app out there for everyone to use without having to sacrifice personal information.

Kik me!

This little saying on its own has become an internet sensation. When you hear a hot girl or hot dude say ‘’Kik me!’’, you just know they’re about to fire some nice nudes your way or that they want to get a little bit more personal.  It’s like a secret language young people use to move things a little further from other social media apps where nudity or pornography is not welcome or allowed. You might get blocked for exchanging or posting nudes on the gram or snap but Kik will not mind you looking at r posting any of your body parts.


When you sign up to Kik, you don’t need to give any phone numbers or personal details. All you need is an e-mail address (you don’t even have to use your personal, you can create a special one just for Kik), and set up a username for yourself. This username becomes some kind of an identification for you. Like a phone number but better. Without the need of sharing any personal information, you get to create a social media account where you can do many many things like share nudes, sext, flirt or basically do whatever you’d like. Kik sexting is anonymous as long as you want it to be. İf you want to share personal information, there are no rules against it, however, we would recommend staying away from sending people you don’t know your personal information.

Nudes Everywhere

Kik sexting is great but, there is also the goodness of nudes, everywhere on the app. There are hashtags you can follow that are about nudity like #horny, #sex, #kiksexting, #kiknudes and so on that will show you the newest, hottest nudes and sex-related pictures on videos, right on the app. People you have added may also post nudes Daily on their pages. İf you are struggling to find good Kik usernames of sexy gals, check out our article ‘’Here are the best websites to find Kik Usernames’’ and get started on receiving and sending endless amounts of nudes. There are also groups on Kik you can join that share nudes from their own chats. Be careful about sharing unauthorized nudes in the groups if you don’t want to be banned from them or if you don’t want the person whose nudes you’re sharing to find out. You can always share the nudes you find in the hashtags and share those with an eased heart.

Internal Apps

There are multiple internal apps you can use for Kik sexting! These apps make things easier for everyone since it makes Kik a one-stop shop. Apps like Tinder-For-Kik and Match&Chat  are just like regular dating apps but instead of opening a Tinder message, after matching, a Kik chat opens up. There is also Flirt! Which Works in the same way but more for flirting and getting to know each other than Kik sexting or exchanging nudes. This creates a much more convenient way of online dating and everyone knows that Tinder is for hooking-up. Hooking-up or sexting is made süper easy with these internal apps.

Live Typing

Unlike many flirting or messaging apps, Kik, lets you see when the person you are talking to is typing. This makes everything so much more interesting because it’s like you’re chatting with them in person. That’s what they’re doing right now. They’re paying attention to you, they are thinking of you, whatever they’re saying they’re up to, it is happening right now. İts exciting and when it comes to sexting, its always nice t know what the person is feeling in that exact moment as well as being able to send real-time nudes. How sexy is it to ask someone for a specific type of nüde and you know when they’ve seen it? Süper exciting.

Video Chat

FaceTime uses your personal e-mail or phone number, so does Whatsapp and Duo. Many video chatting apps need some sort of a personal information from you for you to be able to video chat with them. Kik, however, does not. There is a built-in video chatting app in Kik so you can carry your nude sharing to the next level. Like we have mentioned before, this makes both Kik sexting and the app a one-stop shop for all of your flirting, sexting habits and sending and receiving nüde photos. No one wants to chat with a Picture fort hat long. At one point, you might want to see what the person actually looks like or even confirm that they’re real and not catfishing you. Just hop on the app, video chats the person and confirm they are who they said to be in their Picture if you don’t feel comfortable sending pictures of yourself to them. This also might grow a bigger trust and bond which will lead to dirtier sexts and nudes.

These are some of the reasons why Kik is the best sexting app. Doesn’t matter what you use Kik for whether if it is for some innocent flirting or full on sexting, you can be absolutely whomever or whatever you want on there. Create your own world with no responsibilities. A world where you are nothing but happy and horny. Share nudes on Kik, do some Kik sexting and enjoy your time on this fantastic app that is now being used mainly for sexting.