Tips to Take the Best Nude Selfies for Sexting


While sexting and sending nudes is a flirty way of connecting with your partner, nude selfies are a bit of an enigma. And considering the mixed messages we get about our bodies, it’s no wonder this has become such a popular topic. Sometimes, the joy of this pastime can be diminished when the photos are shared or stolen without your consent. But as long as you’re dealing with trustworthy people, taking nude selfies is one of the hottest things you can ever do. Here are a few expert tips for taking nude sexy selfies your partner will absolutely love.


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Timing is everything

If you don’t want all those artistic efforts to go to waste, be sure to send the naked selfies when they’re sure to get noticed. It’s only okay to interrupt somebody’s working day with a picture of your hot body when you know it’s appropriate. It’s best to be aware of what your partner is doing. Avoid rolling out that steamy text when he’s having a weekly meeting with the boss or taking lunch with the family. That being said, it’s prudent if you start your text with NSFW (not safe for work) before you input the photo. This ensures the photo doesn’t pop up on the screen of your significant other during those professional moments.

Good lighting is a must

When sending a nude selfie, you want your partner to see it. White sheets or white wall are a good background as they make you look radiant. Avoid straight overhead lighting because they make weird shadows. But if the harsh fluorescent environment is unavoidable, make sure you turn the flash on to drown that awful lighting.

If you’re on the beach, be sure to get close to the sun as possible. Another way of getting the most out of the available light is glossing your skin. You’ll find good lighting in hotel rooms during the day. Turn on your phone’s camera and walk around until you find the spot that makes your body look amazing. And if you’re taking naked selfies during those cloudy days, you may want to be a little creative with filters. They provide more color options than what a regular camera can capture. However, this does not mean you need to extensively Photoshop selfies so that you look like it’s someone else.

Get your angles right

The angles are the bread and butter of sexting. You should take selfies that only reveal the erogenous parts of the body—the neck, thighs, abdomen, bust, booty, pelvic area, and feet. It’s up to you to decide how provocative you get with the photos. For example, taking a selfie when the camera is angled above will capture your bust. Don’t be afraid of close-ups either. Your hip angle will also make a great shot even if your face is not captured. That way, other people will not identify you in the selfie.

Try to do some practice on framing the body parts you love before sharing with your lover. It’s recommended that you buy a tripod if you want to have more angle options and get serious about your nude selfies. When you experiment with different angles, you’ll feel sexy, comfortable, and excited about your overall appearance.

Always use a mirror to check out your pose

Whether you want to capture everything at once or just a little taste of your body, you need the best reference for clarity and composition. Use the mirror in your house to set the pose and highlight your best feature. For example, if you want to show off your bust, you can highlight it by wearing a sexy lace bra. Similarly, you can take a shot grasping your boobs with well-manicured nails.  Another boob-centric option is lying down on your belly and try to prop yourself on the elbows—you really need a big mirror for this.

The last thing you want is to pick a pose that seems like it’s forced. Needless to say, you should avoid picking positions that make you feel uncomfortable. If you prefer lying on your back, you may want to lean your heels against the wall. And if you’re worried about your tummy, you can bend your legs slightly or pull the knees close to your chest.

You can also try a silhouette from behind if you want to show your curves or get creative with your hair. Remember, you’ll look awkward with the wrong pose. Other than that, you should avoid being too self-critical and just appreciate your body. Don’t overthink about your appearance, especially if the person you’re sending the photos to has seen you before. Men like to see the nude photo of who you are and not an airbrushed version of you.

Put your best face forward

Nude selfies are all about expressing your sexuality. With this in mind, you want to add a little more spice depending on your personality. If you want to send the photo to your man, try to make eye contact with the camera. You can also express your playful side by giving a little eyebrow raise or a sassy smirk.

Leave a little mystery

Because men are visual creatures, you may want to consider leaving some mystery when taking nudes. If you’re taking some booty photos, wear your favorite panties (don’t be completely nude). Likewise, if you’re taking a boob shot, just show a little bit of nipple or wear see-through lingerie. If the illusion is there, it will drive your partner wild and really peak his interest.

Send and save your photos securely

While you have the freedom to take nude pictures, you should only send them to people you trust. Don’t think about your nudes in terms of morality, but security. A general rule of thumb is to avoid sending the photos as Facebook messages or Twitter DMs. Besides being hacked, you may leave the iPad logged in on your parent’s couch. So instead of using text messages, try to use a private Dropbox. Not to mention, you should stay mindful of how you back up your photos. And if you’re the type of a person who loses your phone every second, be sure to delete the image immediately after sending.

The bottom line

If you’re sexting your lover, don’t be self-conscious when sending that nude photo. Truth be told, this is one of the best ways of flaunting what your mama gave you. So, give them the backstage access of full body shot, but cover your bases! It’s the best way to send hot nude selfies for sexting.