How To Make More Friends On Kik


Kik is a growing platform for many people to meet and discuss things they enjoy. Millions use the platform every day to make new friends and even to find dates and more. But how do you go about making new friends on the platform? Well, let’s find out!


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What is Kik?

Kik is a messaging service app that allows you to contact people based on their usernames. As a result, you can connect with people all over the world, and can even be anonymous if you want to. Since they use usernames and not phone numbers, you can change your profile as many times as you choose.

It has a very user-friendly interface, and calling, messaging, and sending files through the platform is easier than ever before.

Kik Usernames/Social Media

Kik usernames

Add your kik username –>

Probably the most direct way of finding new friends on the app is to just search someone’s Kik username, and add them as a friend from there. You can do this by knowing their username from social media, or you can just randomly insert usernames and see what pops up.

This is a great way to meet random and new people, but it can also be creepy. Nobody wants to see new people popping into their feed when they don’t know who they are. So if you are going to follow someone by this route, see if they have posted their Kik on social media!

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are places where people are adding their Kik usernames in order for people to “Kik me” or follow them. This is a great way to potentially follow a lot of great people that you already follow on social media. However, again, don’t find the Kik username of an awesome YouTuber and then act creepy.

On the other end, you can add your own Kik username to social media sites yourself. If you use the right hashtags, you can find a lot of great people who are willing to follow you, which will allow you to make some friends along the way. But do be willing to sift through the people who come to say hi, as while many of them might be awesome, many might just want to show you their dick.

You also have what is called a Kik Code, which is a kind of QR code that you can scan and follow someone on the app. While this is a much easier way to get friends online or by posting around the neighborhood, you should still vet your new ‘friends’ to remove the crazies.

In order to get friends through social media, you will also need to grow your social media accounts. Many people have smaller social media accounts, so if you want to go down this route, make sure that you grow your social media beforehand. Alternatively, you can grow your social media accounts if you have a large base on Kik. So they can grow each other.

Address Book Matching

This is actually a good way to connect with people who you already know but did not know that they had a Kik account. If you sign up using your email address, Kik will find other people who are using email addresses in your contacts in order to connect you with them.

By having a new way to contact people you already know, you can potentially rekindle relationships or friendships that fizzled out over the years. While this may not be new friends, they can still be awesome contacts. I mean, you befriended them for a reason, right?

Kik Groups

Kik groups are similar to groups in other chat apps and sites. It is a group of Kik users chatting either as a group of friends or about a particular topic. Many of the groups that you can join are private groups, which are between friends usually or can be NSFW as well.  Although you can search for a join a public Kik group as well.

This is a great way to find people who are talking about topics that you might be interested in. Whether it is about sports, video games, or the like, there is a public group out there that you should be able to join for just about any topic.

Talk to Bots?

While you should always be looking for actual people to talk to, Kik is different because they have a lot of bots that you can talk to. Whether it is playing games, solving puzzles, or just chatting, they have a bot that is able to read what you wrote and respond. They are even able to tell you about news and politics, and more.

It is definitely a new experience if your other friends are offline. You can even bring bots into group chats so that you can all bully the bot together. Playing games with friends is a good way to bring you all together.

In Conclusion

Finding friends on Kik can be difficult if you do not have a lot of friends already, but it is really not hard to do. It can be as easy as going on Twitter and searching for #KikMe and input the usernames associated with accounts that you already follow.

Whatever you do, do not be creepy. You want a friendship to be long-lasting and happy, so only follow people who you know you have shared interests with. Follow these tips, and you should have a great time with many friends long term.