Kik vs Snapchat: Which Is The Best Nude Messaging App?


Social media has taken over the Internet as one of the most popular forms of entertainment and communication across the globe. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you are most likely familiar with some of the more famous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Since the advent of the instant messaging app, there have been many platforms that have come on the scene to help people connect.

SnapChat and KiK apps are the most popular with teen and young adults. They both allow for private and even intimate text sharing along with the ability to send photos and videos between friends. The newest trend is called sexting or sending erotic messages back and forth. Even nude photos and racy videos can be exchanged between different parties.

In this case, the SnapChat and Kik apps have both become a resource similar to the traditional dating style of application. People that are looking for a casual and fun hook up where things can get provocative are using these types of systems as their means of communication. But which app is the best? How do their services compare to each other? Which platform is the safest to send out your hot nudes with? Let’s take a detailed look at the different aspects of each application to see just how well they compare.

Comparable Aspects of Kik and Snapchat

Both SnapChat and Kik are designed to function as social texting messenger systems, and so there are bound to be many similarities between the two.

First, you will not require the presence of a SIM card to operate either app. They are not connected in any way to your phone number, so you are free to use them on any type of device including your home computer, tablet or smartphone. All photos and files will automatically self-destruct after being received and seen. You can also set a standard time limit of 10 seconds and then your photos or messages will no longer be available for viewing.

There is no downloading allowed on either site, so when you send a message, video or pic, the recipient will have no way to retain those files. Both applications can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once your message has been seen you will receive an automatic notification that the recipient has read your message and the auto-destruct sequence will begin at that time.

You can delete an entire message string completely if desired to protect any provocative or sensitive content. Both apps have an internal photo taking feature so that you can take a pic, edit and send all within the app without having to download from a different location.

All About SnapChat

Although SnapChat didn’t start out as a platform that was used for sending nude photos, the privacy that comes built into the app has given people the freedom to get riskier with their texting activity. Take a look at some of the unique features that SnapChat is known and loved for.

  • Only the intended receiver of any message will have access thanks to the end to end encryption feature
  • Can be automatically synced to your Cloud account for easy access on any of your devices no matter where you are
  • Has a two-way video chat feature that allows you to have face-to-face conversations via video conference
  • A tablet-optimized version of the app is available for a better device experience
  • Can be used in 24 different languages to accommodate users from anywhere in the world
  • You can exchange videos with contacts and friends not just still photos
  • You can sign in with your Facebook account making app access faster and easier
  • You can set your profile status to reflect your mood or just to share something about yourself
  • Message drafts are automatically saved to a file in case your message is interrupted before sending
  • Your most common contacts can be added to a Favorites Contact list
  • You can use the Drawing feature to send out hand-drawn pictures or doodles on your photos
  • Add funny captions or titles to your messages to entertain your friends

KiK Messenger Highlights

Kik has gained in popularity since 2015 when it first came on the social media scene. For those who were looking to try something new and a bit racier it has become the go-to app for singles. Take a look at some of Kik’s features that have made it so popular in such a short time.

  • The two-way opt-in allows you to only accept or add friends and contacts with your approval of eliminating unwanted messages from strangers.
  • You will be able to see when someone is typing a message or a reply to show that they are actively helping to eliminate confusion
  • The size of the app is almost 10 times smaller than SnapChat so it will take up much less space on your devices keeping them running faster
  • Has a higher rating for user satisfaction and overall app design on Google Play and the App Store
  • You can personalize the appearance of your account page using different colors, backgrounds, and fonts
  • Allows you to share MP3 music files with your friends
  • Customizable notifications that can be switched on or off if not needed
  • Completely advertisement-free platform with no annoying pop-ups to distract from your conversations
  • You can export any conversation history to your email address as a form of backup
  • Has a built-in browser inside the app so you can still surf the web while staying online in the app
  • Allows in-app purchases so you are free to buy any additional content or bonus features inside the app

Which is Better?

For two applications that are designed to form such similar functions, SnapChat and Kik do have a lot of differences. Since Kik had the advantage of coming into the marketplace after SnapChat, they were able to improve on some of the basic features and manipulate user feedback to design an app that addressed any user concerns. That being said, SnapChat is constantly releasing updates to their versions to improve the user experience wherever they can.

In a competitive sense, the two apps will continue to force improvement from each other which only benefits the users in the end. As far as which is better, it remains primarily a personal choice. Both apps provide a secure platform to be able to flirt, text and send nudes.